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One of my many passions in life is recruiting. Finding the ideal candidate for a challenging role for a client or coming up with a game-plan with an active candidate to find their next role where they can excel in their career is gratifying and rewarding. Since 2006 I have worked with top Fortune 500 companies, some of the largest consulting firms, as well as smaller organizations and boutique, consulting firms. I have primarily focused recruiting Compensation Professionals, at all levels, and found specializing in this niche allows me to provide my clients and candidates with the expertise they need for the best fit so great things can happen.       

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Keith Schroeder 


How we got our name

I told myself for many years if I ever started my own firm, I would pay tribute to one of the many influences in my life, my late Grandma, Nellie “Johnnie” Schroeder. There are many stories I can sit here and tell you about the 4’11”, no-nonsense “pistol”, but one of my favorites happened during WWII. She was born and raised in England and worked as a Labor and Delivery RN in London, during the bombings instead of going into the shelters she would stand on the roof of the hospital. Even though I never heard her cuss, I like to think this was her way of giving the middle finger to one of the worse people to have ever live. She was a great inspiration to me and ever since she passed while I was in college, I try to live every day to make her proud.